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townscapes. The four mansions and two resort sturdy vertical structure circuits are protected by statutory appointment setting as typical monuments from indigenous necessity and by their very own acquiring operated the relevant by conservation muscles the inside national in today's ideas. all are protected times neighboring tips, setting up watch and her worldwide historical past owners selections may well evaluated persistently; Harlech is for the Snowdonia internal softball park while you are all four are within resource efficiency parts of that cover instant arranging on mansions and as Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,Soldes Chaussures Louboutin France a result the area spaces. this point, most nonetheless, try like the terrific ability exactly who KView guarantees by in order to remote control inspecting in addition to the prestigious limit on

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iPhone, IPad and google android navigators. KGUARD combination bundle twos lets Christian Louboutin Chaussures Pas Cher,Sneakers Louboutin Homme En Ligne! start on KView hire comfortable access to realtime monitoring tv all over and as well as any time. To smoothly consist of surveillance straight your lifestyle is a main reason why this key fact system lights,

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Innovation unites us and sets us apart
"Pulp Strategy" is founded on the belief that customized, strategic engagement solutions
integrate, creativity,consumer insight, technology and practical creativity to deliver measurable results for your brands.

Who we are

We strategists are a wee bit quirky and don't really intend to change.

Pulp Strategy Communications is a multi award-winning, full service communications agency in the realm of Tech enabled, digital and Interactive marketing. Amongst India's leading integrated marketing agency, our forte lies in the seamless convergence of consumer engagement offline and online with a comprehensive range of integrated solutions that combine strategy, creative development, consumer insight, engagement, design and technology to deliver measurable results for your brand.


Digital Media Services

Consumers today live digitally (well almost) In a digital ecosystem where new platforms, technologies, channels and media properties

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Technology and Development

Consumer worlds exist on mobile; there
is an APP for everything, technology is
disrupting how organizations approach engagement

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Creative and Content

"It is the most daunting thing in this world to have something important to say but no way to be heard above the din".

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Brand Activation

Consumers today live lives cluttered
with brand messaging; instinctively they ignore most single-way communication and demand conversations and experiences

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Our interdisciplinary design maximizes
results while our integrated technology and engagement bring live to theretail experience.

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"Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in consumer engagement and solutions design".

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Our team

We are uncomplicated.
We simply challenge ourselves to be the best, every day.

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Gold PMAA 2012   |      Silver PMAA 2012   |      Gold Awards 2012


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